What can I do with eVigils?

Stay connected MUCH easier and faster with any healthcare provider – a nurse, office, doctor, pharmacist and more.  Use secure messaging, launch tele-video, learn about your conditions, and more.


Why do I need eVigils?

Just like the apps you chose for banking and travel, eVigils helps you manage your health.  This is so important that The Cures Act, a federal rule passed in March, 2020, now requires providers and health companies to not block the information you want share about your health.


eVigils allows you to communicate with the right provider at the right time, share your records, streamline your referrals, make sure tests are not repeated, and eliminate wasted time and money.  Through The Cures Act, organizations like The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and many insurance companies are now required to help you access and control your patient data. It’s called interoperability.


How does eVigils compare to the electronic patient record portal used by my doctor and hospitals?

Your patient record in doctor offices, hospitals and other care centers contains very important information but they are not connected.  It’s like storing your money in separate banks – lots of passwords and a challenge to know the total sum.  It’s why less than 20% of patients even establish access to their portal records.  eVigils enables your various care teams to collaborate about your care, access your relevant data, and easily stay in touch with you.


Can someone use eVigils on my behalf?

eVigils is available to any care giver – a family member, friend or neighbor  –  that you chose.


Is my health information secure with eVigils?

eVigils apps follow all HIPAA conventions.  All information is securely stored and transmitted.  Message content, photos, documents, and video conferences are transmitted using secure tunnels.  Access to the app is restricted to you, no patient data is stored on your mobile device, and your data is viewed only by your providers.


Can I use my desktop computer to access eVigils?

Sorry, no.  Mobile technology use grows every year – statistics show there are 14 mobile phones purchased for every one computer.  Patients make health decisions any time and anywhere, not just when sitting in front of computer.